Animal Handling Gloves

Easy Gloves provide a number of animal handling gloves that are suitable for many applications including: zoo-keepers, pest control, vets and for scientific work. The animal handling gloves have been tried and tested and are designed to be resistant to threats such as punctures, tears, abrasions and cuts for long-lasting protection. Browse our impressive range today!

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  • 12 Pairs Of Gloves
    Product Code: EG-NITRILE GREY GRIP 102

    Key Features

    • Only 49p per pair!!
    • 12 Pairs Per Case
    • Good resistance to abrasion
    • Lightweight & offers good dexterity
    • Breathable & comfortable liner
    £7.20 (inc. VAT)
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  • 20 Pairs Of Gloves
    Product Code: EG-PU FLEX 201

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    • Good resistance to abrasions
    • Lightweight and breathable with good dexterity
    • Offers excellent dry grip & excellent precision handling
    • Ideal gloves for electricians and similar working environments
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Thick Gloves For Handling Animals

Unfortunately, not all animals are friendly so it's important to keep your hands protected against possible bites, scratches, punctures or skin irritation. At Easy Gloves we understand these potential risks every time you work with animals. They are unpredictable and can often carry diseases which is why we offer an impressive selection of thick gloves for handling animals to ensure that your hands remain protected at all times.

You will need gloves that protect above and beyond gloves that are simply just cut resistant. As such, we offer thick gloves for handling animals that are needlestick resistant, meaning that they are protected against even the sharpest of teeth. Furthermore, this glove product range is ideal for dangerous activities such as handling venomous creatures or disease ridden animals. For more information about thick gloves for handling animals regarding sizing, styles and general advice, contact our highly knowledgeable and friendly team today at Making sure that the gloves fit properly is crucial for optimising your protection and ensuring that dexterity and flexibility is maintained.


Why Should You Wear Gloves When Handling Animals?

There are a plethora of reasons as to why you should wear gloves when dealing with animals. Not only do they protect hands while working with them, but they also help to prevent cross-contamination between visitors by ensuring that each animal can be looked after with a fresh pair of gloves. 

Are Animal Handling Gloves Weather Resistant? 

Most gloves that are used for handling animals are water resistant but not totally waterproof so don't expect the gloves to be bone-dry during rainy days. Many animal handling gloves are thoughtfully designed to provide the right balance between protection while grooming, transporting, or playing with the animals with not so much focus on water prevention. 

What Are The Best Gloves For Animal Handling?

This all depends on the type of animal you are dealing with. Most types of industrial gloves are suitable forms of protection when dealing with smaller animals however, the larger ones may require a variation of gauntlet gloves to give your forearms as much coverage and protection as possible. 

Why are Gloves for Animal Handling Important?

Animal handling and veterinary gloves play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of both the animal and the handler. Animals have a range of potentially hazardous features, such as teeth, claws and scales. Thus, gloves and other forms of PPE act as an effective protective barrier.

Who Wears Animal Handling Gloves?


These type gloves are worn by a range of people who work with animals including vets, zoo-keepers and scientists. They offer a level of resistance to punctures, tears, abrasions and cuts associated with bites or scratches from animals.