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3 Amazing Home Crafts Made From Gloves

Disposable gloves have many handy uses across multiple applications. For example, their primary purpose is to protect individuals from hazardous substances. This is particularly important in healthcare settings where contact with bodily fluids or infectious diseases can be likely however, did you know there are many uncommon uses that gloves can have? As such, we have come up with 3 amazing home crafts made from gloves which we have detailed below: Glove Gun One of the more ‘fun’ crafts made from gloves is making your very own homemade glove gun.... Read More


The Importance of Germ Free Gloves

Germ free gloves, also commonly known as disposable gloves, have become a fundamental part of the healthcare industry especially in recent times. Doctors, nurses and care assistants are all expected to wear disposable gloves in applications where infectious diseases transmitted during skin-to-skin contact is likely to occur. The main use of disposable gloves is to ensure that both patients and medical professionals are protected from accidental contact. The gloves also help to prevent exposure to drugs, chemicals, and other dangerous substances commonly used in medical facilities. As such, this article... Read More


How to Dispose of Contaminated Gloves Safely

Disposable gloves are a key component of PPE clothing. They are designed to limit the wearer’s exposure to substances that could endanger the wearer’s health. This is particularly important in the healthcare industry where users are likely to come into contact with a whole range of bodily fluids or infectious diseases. However, disposable gloves are not just limited to healthcare settings. They can be applied to cleaning practices or even used in the baking industry. Clearly, there are many uses for disposable gloves but some of you may be wondering... Read More


The Different Disposable Gloves And Their Uses

Disposable gloves have many incredible personal and industrial uses. The primary use for them is to protect your hands from any hazardous substances. Whichever type of glove you decide to use, you should always ensure that it is suitable for your kind of application. With this in mind, this article will provide information on glove:  Service grading Types and when you should use them Considerations with each different type of glove  Service Grading:  Disposable gloves are usually manufactured with a ‘service grading’. The service grade indicates the type of industry... Read More