Galleon Supplies Glossary

Galleon Supplies Glossary We use advanced technology and manufacturing methods carried out by experts to create the products you find at Galleon Supplies. So, there’s often a name or phrase that pops up to describe our products that we have to research! If the product description you’re reading doesn't fully explain something, take a look through our glossary for industry-specific terms to help explain it better.

ABS PLASTIC: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic (to use its full name) is a type of thermoplastic that is reasonably cheap to produce. Its durability and strength make it resistant to chemicals and physical impact, which is why it’s a popular material to use for soap dispensers.

Find it in our dispensers, Deb soap system and washroom starter packs selections.

AIRFLEX: This technology from Kimberly Clark gives you extra absorbency, quicker drying times and reduced towel usage. Very strong and soft on the skin, AIRFLEX needs 17% less source fibre than traditional processes, which means you waste less and get a product that’s more eco-friendly.

Find it in our boxed wipes, wiper rolls, couch rolls, and centrefeed and blue rolls ranges.

ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT: this is a substance that you can put on material to kill bacteria and prevent it from growing. This means you aren't simply spreading the bacteria around and it helps keep your worktops and surfaces clean and safe.

Find it in our cleaning cloths.

BALSAM: this is an aromatic resin you get from trees and plants that is believed to help reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and stop reddening or drying of the skin even after multiple uses.

Find it in our range of facial tissues.

CENTREFEED ROLLS: this is a style of removing sheets of paper from individual rolls. It involves removing the cardboard core of the paper roll and then loading it into a special dispenser. The roll feeds the user each sheet from its centre, rather than from the outside to the middle like a traditional toilet roll holder. You can see instructions on how to do this yourself on our Centrefeed and Blue Rolls page.

Find it in our centrefeed and blue rolls range.

CHSA CERTIFIED: this stands for the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association, which represents UK manufacturers and distributors of cleaning products.CHSA certification means your purchase is high quality, labelled correctly and fully audited for safety.

Find it in our bin bags, boxed wipers and cleaning cloths ranges (among many more).

CROSS CONTAMINATION: this is when microorganisms, like bacteria, are passed on from one place to another by mistake. It’s almost always used when the effect is harmful to health, such as cross-contaminating raw food with cook food, and is reduced by wearing gloves and using antibacterial cloths.

Find it in our disposable gloves, cleaning cloths, and paper hand towels ranges.

DENIER: this is a unit of weight used to measure the fineness and thickness of a material (the higher the denier, the thicker the fabric).

Find it in our microfibre cloths range.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: if a product has been evaluated this way, it means that a dermatologist has been in charge of the testing process and tried the product on human skin.

Find it in our Deb soap systems selection.

EMBOSSED: when you emboss a material, like paper, you change the surface from flat to shaped. These raised parts of your paper mean you have vacant space that enables the paper to absorb and hold more liquid than if the surface was kept even.

Find it in our  toilet paper and kitchen roll ranges.

EU ECOLABEL CERTIFIED: if a product has the EU Ecolabel, it means it has a low negative impact on the environment throughout its life-cycle (i.e. from extraction, to production, to disposal). The EU Ecolabel is recognised across Europe.

Find it in our Deb soap systems range.

FOAM SOAP SYSTEMS: a foam pump, or foam soap dispenser, is a way of changing liquid soap into foam soap by simply pressing a button. You can do this by getting a foam soap dispenser and loading it with your choice of liquid soap cartridge.

Find it in our soap dispensers and hand soaps range.

FRAGRANCE MAPPING: this is a technique used by experts to divide different scents into categories. Usually, this helps choose which aroma is the best fit for a product. Find it in our air freshener range. FSC CERTIFIED: certification from the Forest Stewardship Council makes sure that a product is sourced from a forest that is environmentally-friendly and socially/economically beneficial to help support global responsible forest management.

Find it in our facial tissues and toilet paper ranges.

FSC CERTIFIED: certification from the Forest Stewardship Council makes sure that a product is sourced from a forest that is environmentally-friendly and socially/economically beneficial to help support global responsible forest management.

Find it in our facial tissues and toilet paper ranges. 

GAUGE: the gauge is the measurement used to verify the thickness of plastic. So, 300 gauge = 75 micr>

Find it in our bin bags range.

GLYCERINE: this colourless and scentless liquid balances the oils in our skin, which helps to protect, soften, lubricate, and hydrate.

Find it in our Deb soap systems range.

GSM: stands for grams per square metre and is a density unit to show the thickness and volume of paper.

Find it in our kitchen rolls and paper napkins ranges.

LATEX (GLOVES): using latex material for gloves offers natural chemical resistance and good puncture protection. Latex is also very elastic and able to conform to the skin, so it gives a great fit and excellent feel for maximum dexterity.

Find it in our disposable gloves range.

LOW LINT: if a cloth or wipe is low lint, it means it is far less likely to deposit residue from the material to the surface being cleaned. This is because low-lint materials have less textile fibres/fluff to lose, which means less chance of cross-contamination and a tidier/cleaner surface.

Find it in our boxed wipers range.

MICROFIBRE: this style of cloth is made from tiny, very fine fibres that allow you to clean and polish without the need for extra cleaning agents. This is because the fibres can trap very small dirt and dust particles that standard cleaning cloths (with less and thicker fibres) miss.

Find it in our microfibre cloths range.

MICROMORPH TECHNOLOGY: when using air freshener, this technology works by first neutralising the odour in the air, and then refreshing it with scent. This means that bad smells are eliminated, rather than just masked.

Find it in our automatic air freshener range.

NAPKINS; DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LUNCH, DINNER AND COCKTAIL: apart from being used at different times of the day, the main difference in these styles of napkins is size. Typically, cocktail (or beverage) napkins are 25cm x 25cm; lunch napkins are around 30cm x 30cm; and the largest are dinner napkins at about 40cm x 40cm. Use cocktail napkins for drinks and finger food, lunch napkins for light meals, and dinner napkins for multi-course sittings.

Find these in our paper napkins range.

NITRILE (GLOVES): these gloves have the benefits of latex, but are usually more resistant to puncturing and are a handy alternative for people who are allergic to latex.

Find it in our disposable gloves range.

OPEN CELLULAR STRUCTURE: this lets your cloth pick up much more dirt when cleaning. It’s much more efficient and cost-effective than using a standard wipe/cloth/rag, as you need to exert less effort to remove stubborn stains and need to use much less (if any) cleaning agents.

Find it in our cleaning cloths range.

PERFORATIONS: close perforations in paper or tissue makes it easier to tear off each sheet and reduces the chance you have of getting frayed and jagged edges that look unsightly and can be a nuisance.

Find it in our wiper rolls and toilet paper ranges.

PLY: relates to the number of layers used to make paper or tissue. So, 1 ply = 1 layer, 2 ply = 2 layers, etc. The higher the ply, the softer, more absorbent and thicker the material.

Find it in our toilet paper and facial tissues ranges.

SURFACTANT: is a substance that lowers the surface tension of the liquid it’s in. You can usually find surfactants in detergents, emulsifiers and foaming agents, as they help spread water and hold dirt until it’s washed away for easier cleaning.

Find it in our Deb soap systems range. 

TERRY TOWEL: (or terry cloth) is a very soft and ultra-absorbent material that can take in great amounts of fluid. It’s made from raised, uncut loops of thread and is produced by weaving or knitting.

Find it in our rags range.

VINYL (GLOVES): this is a popular choice for protective clothing, as it’s multi-purpose, an allergy-free, and one of the cheapest materials of its kind available.

Find it in our disposable gloves selection.

VISCOSE POLYESTER BLEND: this mix of materials gives added strength, durability and absorbency even after excessive cleaning and tumble drying.

Find it in our cleaning cloths range.