Mortuary Gloves

At Easy Gloves, we supply a superb range of mortuary gloves that thrive in applications related to morticians, mortuary workers, hospital workers, funeral directors and individuals who come into contact with deceased bodies on a regular basis. Our selection of mortuary gloves ensures that your hands are protected against contact with contaminated bodily fluids and prevent the spread of disease and infection. Browse our range below.

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Mortician Gloves

As key suppliers of disposable gloves, we understand that there are a range of varying professions that may come into contact with dead bodies on a regular basis - particularly morticians. As such, it is absolutely pivotal that you have the right protective hand equipment, in the form of mortician gloves, to prevent the onset of contamination, infection and disease from coming into contact with your hands. Our mortician gloves have been carefully selected as single-use disposable gloves including materials such as nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves. These gloves are especially suitable for use by morticians as they provide great levels of dexterity that are ideal for the intricate  tasks involved with examining or embalming a deceased body. 

For more information regarding sizing, styles and general advice on our mortuary gloves, contact our highly knowledgeable and friendly team today. We're more than happy to help.