Pharmacy Gloves

The range of pharmacy gloves listed below excel in environments where it is pivotal to maintain strong levels of hygiene, especially when dealing with medication and prescriptions for customers. Our selection of pharmacy gloves allows you to manufacture pharmaceuticals, handle objects containing hazardous chemicals and perform scientific research with absolute confidence. The gloves are also resistant to very low temperatures which only adds to their usefulness across any pharmaceutical environment.

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    Product Code: EG-9377B

    Key Features

    • 2.2mil non-sterile and powder-free nitrile gloves
    • Great protection against chemicals and microorganisms
    • AQL 1.5 compliant medical grade  
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  • 100 Gloves
    Product Code: EG-GD19

    Key Features

    • 3.1mil non-sterile and powder-free
    • Latex free reducing hypersensitivity and allergic reactions 
    • AQL 1.5 medical grade gloves
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Pharmaceutical Gloves

The selection of pharmaceutical gloves we provide are ideal for a range of medication and pharmacy applications. As key supplies of disposable protective gloves, we recognise the importance of keeping medication protected from unwanted airborne microbes, chemical vapours and other threats to sterility. Thankfully, our impressive range of pharmaceutical gloves allow you to prevent the contamination of your contents and keep your substances protected at all times.

Our pharmacy gloves have been carefully designed to ensure that the wearer can operate confidently and efficiently without running the risk of contamination. You'll also be pleased to know that our selection of  pharmaceutical gloves are available in a number of different sizes so that will offer you optimal level of protection without hampering your dexterity or the movement of your fingers. Browse our range today.


What Gloves do Chemists Use?

Nitrile gloves are the preferred choice of pharmacists and chemists. They are more chemical and tear resistant than latex gloves, which are vital properties to have when maintaining high standards of health and safety in a pharmaceutical environment. 

Why Should Pharmacists Wear PPE?

Pharmacists should wear PPE to protect themselves and their fellow workers from chemical exposure and other hazards. Having the correct disposable gloves at your disposal is a major part of this to keep your hands safe when handling medications. Use a high-quality pair of nitrile gloves to protect your skin when handling medications in the pharmacy.

What are the Properties of Nitrile Pharmacy Gloves?

Nitrile pharmacy gloves have endless beneficial properties, from liquid-resistance, including water, grease, oil, and chemicals. They also boast high-puncture resistance and dexterous strength. So they won’t restrict your movement.