Roofing Gloves

As trusted suppliers of protective gloves, we understand that roofing can be unforgiving on your hands, especially if you don't have the right roofing gloves for the job. Thankfully, the selection of roofing gloves below will prevent the frequent scratches, scrapes and possible splinters that are notorious when performing typical roofing tasks. All gloves are tried and tested to give you the very best in terms of protection so that your roofing job can be significantly easier for you.

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  • 12 Pairs Of Gloves
    Product Code: EG-PG101

    Key Features

    • Nylon / Spandex liner with durable nitrile coating
    • Superior Level 4 abrasion resistance
    • 360° breathable coating offers effective moisture control
    • Ideal gloves for electricians and similar working environments
    £27.36 (inc. VAT)
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  • 12 Pairs Of Gloves
    Product Code: EG-PU DOT GRIP 103

    Key Features

    •  PVC dot grip gloves for handling tasks
    •  Work well in warehousing, packaging and packing
    •  Nylon liner offers good tear protection
    •  Lightweight with Good Dexterity
    £6.48 (inc. VAT)
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  • 12 Pairs Of Gloves
    Product Code: EG-PG122

    Key Features

    • Micro foam technology - one of the few gloves to offer 360° breathability
    • Latex coating that allows for exceptional levels of grip 
    • Can reduce perspiration thanks to nano foam lining 
    £23.18 (inc. VAT)
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Winter Roofing Gloves

If you are heavily involved in the roofing industry or similar construction application, you will certainly want to utilise winter roofing gloves that can be incorporated all year round. Construction, and in particular roofing, can cause many abrasions or scrapes, especially during the winter period, as individuals' hands/skin are typically more dry and prone to injuries. As such, having a suitable and long lasting pair of winter roofing gloves will keep you comfortable, safe and productive during harsh winter periods.

The best roof gloves are designed to stand up to all the hazards without hindering your performance. Thankfully, our winter roofing gloves provide many highly sought after properties relating to abrasion resistance, thermal resistance, cut resistance and much more. Why not consider purchasing a pair today!


What Gloves do Roofers Use?

Roofing can be tough on your hands. So they need protecting well. We recommend a pair of quality industrial gloves for the job. Aurelia and Pawa offer these gloves for affordable prices too.

What are the Warmest Gloves for Roofing in the Winter?

When roofing in the winter, your hands are likely to get cold. However, with the right gloves, you can reduce the impact of the cold on your skin and work. By choosing a high-quality pair of industrial gloves from Easygloves, you can avoid the bite of the cold. We recommend the Pawa or Aurelia gloves for this level of protection when roofing. 

Why do Roofers Need to Wear Gloves?

Roofers should wear gloves to protect their skin from accidents, cuts, scrapes or abrasions. In addition to this, roofers work with solvents and chemically based products, which can equally have an impact on your skin. It is for these reasons that roofers must wear gloves when working.

What are Roofing Gloves? 

Roofing gloves are gloves designed to provide protection, grip, and dexterity to roofing professionals. They help protect hands from sharp edges when handling tiles and harsh weather conditions associated with working outdoors year round.

What Materials are They Made of?


Roofing gloves are typically made from durable, lightweight materials like cotton or nylon, often coated with PVC or nitrile for added grip, even in wet or greasy environments.