Safety Work Gloves

For some individuals, small cuts, bruises, or even burns resulting from work may seem like a minor inconvenience but in actual fact, It is a safety violation and is completely avoidable. It is an employee's duty of care to supply the correct protective clothing for workers who are exposed to risks regarding their health and in some industries, safety work gloves are a standard and mandatory part of employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Protective Work Gloves

When you need protective work gloves, you can’t just grab any old pair. They have to be fit for purpose. There are many factors to consider when purchasing safety work gloves, especially if you work in areas that have high danger potential - especially to your hands. Thankfully, here at Easy Gloves, we stock an impressive selection of safety work gloves ranging from: Puncture-resistant, protection from blisters, chemical and water protection, cold and heat resistant and shock protection work gloves that you can purchase today. 

The best protective work gloves aren’t always the most expensive pair either. Sometimes a lower-priced pair can be just as, if not more, effective at protecting your hands. It all comes down to your specific occupation and what type of protective work gloves you decide to purchase. 

Even the best protective work gloves can be ineffective at providing protection if the fit isn’t right. Gloves too small in size can leave areas of your hand exposed to hazards or reduce blood supply to your wrists or fingers which obviously will restrict your working capabilities. Equally, gloves that are too large can shift over your hand and let potential harmful chemicals and other liquids leak in. Thankfully, Easy Gloves stock a selection of work gloves in different sizes which can apply to the type of industry you work in.