Tree Surgeon Gloves

The range tree surgeon gloves stocked here at Easy Gloves are ideal for general woodwork, carpentry or tree cutting applications, ensuring that your hands are kept protected against cuts, splinters, slashes, and potential puncturing when using sharp tools. Our tree surgeon gloves offer superb protection against general roughness that can occur after prolonged wood handling and also provide you with exemplary levels of grip so that you can perform the task effectively.

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Tree Work Gloves

Tree work gloves are important for when you are dealing with sharp tools and blades during applications related to tree surgery. As such, is vital that you have the correct tree surgeon gloves to maximise your safety levels. This is because cuts and lacerations have every possibility of occurring when cutting trees so you will want the best protection possible, the most amount of comfort and exemplary levels of dexterity, all at an affordable price.

Thankfully, the range of tree work gloves we stock are simply second to none and are ideal for any general woodworking application. Handling wood can be hard on your hands and so by purchasing a pair, it will allow you to avoid these problems. For more information about our selection of tree surgeon gloves regarding sizing, styles and general advice, contact our highly knowledgeable and friendly team today. We’re more than happy to help!


What Additional Features do Tree Surgeon Gloves Have?

Tree Surgeon gloves, as seen in our Pawa Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves, include an extended cuff and knitted technology to improve the dexterity of your gloves and allow more fluid movement. They’re also lined with a durable nitrile coating and level 4 abrasion resistance. Finally, their puncture resistance will protect against splinters. 

Why Should Tree Surgeons Wear Gloves?

Tree surgeons should wear gloves to protect their hands against abrasions and splinters that may occur when working with wood. Wood is incredibly rough and can cause damage to your hands easily. So we always recommend wearing gloves.

Can Tree Surgeons use any Gloves?

No. Ordinary latex or nitrile gloves will not provide the protection that specialist Tree Surgeon gloves offer. They will simply snap due to the harsh nature of the wood. Gloves that combine fabric and rubber will provide the best protection against splinters, cuts, and abrasions.