Wiring Gloves

We pride ourselves on offering customers the top solutions for personal hand protection. As such, our wiring gloves allow you to deal with any electrical application without fear of  electrocuting yourself and causing unwanted injuries. Our wiring gloves are expertly designed for you to perform intricate tasks without being impaired, and high levels of insulation - perfect when dealing with electrical wiring. Browse our fantastic range  of wiring gloves below.

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Gloves For Wiring

When you are working with electrical wiring, it is imperative that you have the right gloves to prevent injury. Thankfully, at Easy Gloves, we stock a superb range of gloves for wiring which can shield you from electrical shocks. Dealing with electrical wiring can be a very dangerous task so by investing in high quality gloves for wiring, you can be sure to remain protected at all times.

The range of gloves for wiring are made from the highest quality of materials to ensure that they are not only impressive in terms of dexterity, but they offer higher levels of insulation. Not to mention, the material makes the wiring gloves incredibly comfortable for the user to wear and are forgiving to your hands. For more information about our range of wiring gloves regarding sizing, styles and general advice, contact our highly knowledgeable and friendly team today.


Why Wear Wiring Gloves?

Without wiring gloves, you put yourself at risk of electrocution. An electrically insulating material, such as nitrile, can disrupt the electrical current and prevent dangerous levels from passing into your hand. 

How do Wiring Gloves Prevent Electric Shocks?

Rubber is an electrical insulator, which means that any electrical current that comes into contact with it will halt. The body, although a relatively weak conductor, can still conduct electricity. So, it is vital to wear wiring gloves to stop the electric currents from travelling through your skin. 

What are the Properties of Nitrile?

Nitrile wiring gloves have endless beneficial properties, from liquid-resistance, including water, grease, oil, and chemicals. They also boast high-puncture resistance and dexterous strength. So they won’t restrict your movement. Finally, nitrile is a fantastic electrical insulator, so it will prevent electrocution.